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Hummingbirds will surround you at Villa Migelita Ecolodge. We are a photographer's heaven with 14 species that visit our many hummingbird feeders. Flora and fauna are abundant, and the nearby hikes are enchanting. Whether it be birdwatching, hiking or taking our little boat for a spin, we guarantee you a wonderful stay in nature. Villa Migelita Ecolodge offers 3 options for your stay in fabulous Colombia

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Villa Migelita Ecolodge

The Original Villa
Villa Migelita Ecolodge is an all inclusive, superbly appointed and maintained villa situated near Palmira right in the heart of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Stunning views, elegant rooms, and the natural beauty of the mountains surround you.


Cristal House

Your Path To BeautyCristal House allows guests to completely immerse themselves into the lush, tropical vegetation of the Colombian landscape. Enjoy amazing views on our suspended net balcony. Shower outside while looking at the nearby mountains. A fantastic experience is waiting!


Aventura Treehouse

The JunglehouseAventura Treehouse is perfect for the romantic in all of us. If you had a treehouse as a child, revisit that experience at Villa Migelita Ecolodge. Aventura Treehouse will take you back to those happy days when life was carefree while playing outdoors.


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Location - Valle del Cauca, Colombia